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Ashley Vonella, owner of Beauty and a Boss, is a CAREER CONSULTANT, an aficionado of pricing and compensation strategy, intelligence advocate, real estate investor, powerlifter, and puppy mom to the wonderful majestic Merlin. She has lived on both US coasts, started a real estate and insurance business from the ground up, moved through the corporate ranks at Fortune 500 companies in big pharma, big tech, and big finance like a shark after blood. As her career continued, she saw a need in the corporate world - women that were overworked, underpaid, and floundering. Struggling to get the promotions they deserve, know the "hidden" lingo of the corporate world, and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Ashley's journey now consists of travel and fun as well as her true passion – helping people understand their value and negotiating power! Through her life, she has encountered workplace harassment, discrimination, and prejudice. All of these situations required her to grow; not only as a person but as a business woman – to learn the ins and out of the industries she was serving (male dominated to say the least), to learn how to be the best, how to overcome, and how to beat the system.

She's here to get REAL.
Real strategies, real advice, real money.

Now, it won’t be easy. It won’t be a straight line to success. It will be a roller coaster of emotion. You will leave people – people will leave you. You will feel lost. You will feel alone. But then in a moment of clarity, you’ll see the light. You’ll start to see changes. You’ll see the future you want and deserve. And you’ll have a community of women behind you all growing and learning together for those times when you feel weak. A tribe of support as you grow to become a #beautyandaboss. Because that’s what you are, and that’s what you deserve.

Big or small – we can handle it together. From building a better body, improving your self-esteem, earning a promotion in your career, becoming an entrepreneur, and making millions – you can do it all. 

Always remember,
Be a beauty and a boss – YOU DESERVE IT.