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Compensation Services


Beauty and a Boss provides services for small businesses and individuals looking to get paid what they deserve! You may be a small business owner who is struggling with competition, pricing strategy, or hiring a sales force. Or maybe you are a corporate high achieving female, that feels trapped in their career – whether that be via financial standing, lack of promotion, lack of mobility, or lack of incentive. You want to advance in your career but are not sure how OR you may think entrepreneurship may be a better path, but don't know how to weigh your options to get what you want and deserve. Whatever path you are on, we are here to help!

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For Individuals:

I offer 1 on 1 consultations, group sessions, and courses on the following topics:

  • Corporate Queen or Boss Babe: How to Decide - eCourse COMING SOON!
  • LEVEL UP: How to Be a Corporate Queen - eCourse
  • Negotiating Power for Empowered Women
  • Corporate to Entrepreneur: Training for the Transition - eCourse COMING SOON
  • Career Pathing for the Corporate Employee


For Businesses:

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I offer compensation consultations and incentive compensation packages. This can range from a simple review of your current sales team/field force and internal staff, their pay, and their structure to see if it meets industry standards all the way to a full scale relaunch including help with hiring the best sales folks for your position and incentivizing them in the best way possible for their performance, and the companies’. I also help companies decide the structure of their sales plan – full commission, base + commission, base + bonus, as well as quite a few unique other options depending on the product and market. Throughout this collaborative process, I can make software recommendations for tracking and supporting as well as HR recommendations for best practices! I also offer specific help with pricing strategy, competitive analysis, and picking a niche to meet your goals!

  • The Cost of Entrepreneurship: Real Talk with Real Entrepreneurs
  • Negotiating Power for Empowered Women
  • Building a Better Small Business: Pricing Strategy
  • Career Pathing for the Female Entrepreneur: Picking a Niche to Meet Your Needs
  • Sales Teams Made Simple: How to Create a Sales Plan that Pays Everyone


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