Attack the Interview - Introvert Interview Preparation

Attack the Interview - Introvert Interview Preparation

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Did you get the dream interview but fail miserably once you had to speak? Were you scared to answer? Or got jumbled up and said too much?

Did a company miss out on your great skills because you're not sure how to show them?

Are you going above and beyond at your current position, but can't figure out why you can't get that raise?

The antagonistic and argumentative interviewer will be no match for you anymore! You will feel empowered knowing the top interview questions and your answers ahead of time. You will be prepared and calm to tackle anything that comes up. You will be ready to negotiate the best offer you can receive!

Don't delay - your future is waiting!

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Your Attack the Interview Prep includes all of your Interview Preparation materials, a 1 hour introductory session about your goals and skills, and then 3 exclusive 1:1 sessions with Ashley after you've completed your materials to develop your confidence style and finalize your interview personal preparations. We will even go over your attire and follow ups to the interview to seal the deal!