Boss Up or Get Bossed Around - Paperback Edition!

Boss Up or Get Bossed Around - Paperback Edition!

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Like most little girls born in the 80's we were told that we could grow up and have it all. We could go to college, break through the walls in corporate America and bring home the bacon & fry it up. So we did!

Women are on the rise!

More women than ever before are graduating college, getting Master's degrees, we have incredible women in powerful positions. Despite all of the progress women have made in the workplace over the last few decades, it's simply not enough.

The fight continues!

We're still struggling to close the wage gap. Still fighting for our rights to paid maternity leave. And Still underrepresented as CEO's, executives and leaders in every industry. Which explains why so many women are breaking free of climbing the corporate ladder to follow their own path into entrepreneurship.

The problem!

Many amazing women business owners from around the world only measure of success is based on how much money we make. When we are only focused on the money, then instead of creating a business that loves us back, we find ourselves in an abusive relationship with a business that demands 100% of our time and energy.

The facts!

80% of new biz owners crash & burn within first few years too many entrepreneurs find themselves on a fast track to burnout.

The Solution!

If we looked at all we really want in our lives and in our business, we could really set ourselves up to really and truly have it all. In this book, we will provide you with real stories from women who have worked in corporate positions and have faced either; sexual harassments, burn out, wage gaps, workplace confrontation among many other topics of interest. We will discuss how workplace culture is driving more and more women to become their own boss. To avoid the burn out, we will guide you through your first few years of business with helpful tips on how to not end up within the 80% of businesses who crash.

The big takeaway will be that: We have to define & create what success means to us!