Group Program: Pricing for Profit!

Group Program: Pricing for Profit!

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My Signature Program... now in GROUP FORMAT! CURRENTLY FILLED UNTIL NOV 2022. Email for information about our waitlist or other options.


You’ll get the signature package (over $3000 in value) PLUS;

    • The Niche Networking Guide ($500)
    • The Sales Scripts for Success ($79)
    • A coach who cares about you and your success (priceless)
    • Open promotion in my Facebook group over over 1000 members (THOUSANDS!)
    • A group of supportive female entrepreneurs that are working through the steps of business JUST LIKE YOU! 

Are you struggling to connect with your buyers?

Are your competitors beating you up online and you don't know how to fight back?

Are you reaching out for and connecting with FREE calls but not translating into sales?

STOP the negative talk today, STOP letting the competition win, and let's change the plan - more connection, more sales, more money!


The pricing strategy group package includes:

A program that is 12 weeks in length with bi weekly group calls plus initial strategy and baseline call, and weekly email check ins to coincide with the homework and materials. In the 7 step program, you'll receive:

  • An Introductory Baseline Session so we can assess where you are and where you want to be!
  • 6 hours of working group sessions about your sales and pricing strategy
  • Competitive Analysis Cheat Sheet
  • Market Research Blueprint
  • Narrow Your Niche Networking Guide
  • Individual Pricing Package and Plan to Execute!
  • Guided Pricing Strategy Development
  • Value Proposition Creation Template
  • Objection Handling and Sales Skills Practice with video feedback!
  • Access to my group of coaches, consultants, and more to build your strategic circle and scale your business (you don't have to do it alone!)
  • Ability to post in the Facebook Group and on my Facebook Page to promote your services to other folks that may be interested! 

*Please see contract for full details.